Vero Benei :


Vero Benei trained in music and dance from an early age. Although she later on pursued an academic career as an anthropologist she retained a sustaining passion for dance and singing. Her meeting with Movement Medicine in 2010 felt like a 'homecoming'. Six years on, Vero now is an Apprentice Teacher & Facilitator and has been developing ways of integrating voice work into her movement practice. She is committed to sharing this offering with young and old of all creeds, race and gender, and is available to teach in English, French and Spanish.


A movement meditation practice started almost 10 years ago by Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan, Movement Medicine combines Gestalt therapy, constellation work, voice work, cutting edge neurological research, and shamanism, with deep roots into 5 Rhythms. ‘Movement’ -the inner movement existing in our bodies as well as the stuff that moves (through) us- is our ‘Medicine’ –our own natural, self-healing bodily intelligence and wisdom. Heeding the physicality of our bodies as recipients of emotions, feelings, stored and stuck energies, and putting it into motion provides a way for us to heal deep emotional processes, aligning body, heart and mind. Thus may we become more whole to who we are meant to be as human creative beings, and restore the interconnecting movement between ourselves and the rest of the world."


Minimum age 16 (with an adult in charge); you are responsible for their and your own wellbeing. Movement Medicine may be practised in any condition. No prerequisite, just a healthy curiosity and a will to explore.


22 nd JAN 2017 :


 Soon next regular  2017 classes