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Moonday night fever :

Movement Medicine Regular Classe :

Monday bi-monthly classes 7:30-9:30 pm

  • Space open at 7:20
  • Last entry 8:00pm.

Calendar 2017-2018  :

FEB: Mondays 12,26

MAR : Mondays 12,26

APR: Mondays 9,23

MAY : Mondays 14,28

JUNE Mondays 11,25

Venue :

Paddington Academy  50 Marylands Road London W9.

Follow the signe Movement Medicine Class to fine the dance studio (downstairs)

Note :

FOR FIRE SAFETY REASONS each dancer have to let their name in a safety register list at welcome desk.Thank you for understanding.

  • TUBE: Royal Oak (Hammersmith)
    Warwick Avenue or Maida Vale (12 – 15 min)
    (Bakerloo line)
  • BUS: 6, 187, 414 Elgin Avenue (5 min)
    or 6,36 Sutherland Avenue (5min)

Bring :

Dance shoes only permitted. Children from 14 years onwards are welcome. It is your responsibility to take care of them and of yourself. For safety reasons wearing socks is not advisable, bare feet are always welcome. Bring loose comfortable clothes and a reusable water bottle.


Special OFFER (until Spring) as follows:
£ 10 each if you have already been and are bringing a new dancer with you.

Slidding scale £16 / £14 / £12 according to means
Pass 10 classes £130.






"It's a a bi-monthly drop-in Movement Medicine class which purpose is to empower your life into motion through a dance gathering built as a contemporary ritual integrating free movement with ceremony modalities"

'Exploring 2 hours of lively movement meditation  2 Monday evening per month.

  • Move to free, release, heal and activate your body, hear, mind and soul into dance.
  • Come as you are, welcoming your emotions and your condition into motion.
  • Let your body fully express itself without any restriction.
  • Dance and be danced by and with the support of  all your movements, music and other dancers.
  • No need to be a dancer to come…
  • Just come with the desire to move and play with different rhythms … Just dance with your life … 'Cyrill


What Movement medicine is?

Shortly, it's a movement meditation which consider movement is a medicine… We consider we all are dancers : why ? as everything inside our body is permanently in motion, in rhythms, in pulse, in beat in vibrations… heart, cells, blood, fluids … so dancing is natural.

We are living on a planet who is always in movement, in cycle… with Sun , Moon and other planet and constellations… earth rotation, nature cycle… movement is part of our earth 'system.

Moving and dancing are  so obvious as a natural way of expression… we only have to remember it and awake and free the dancer who lives inside us…  Welcoming our condition and emotion   and dare to let their intelligence of  physicality to  fully express itself.

To be specific: movement medicine is a contemporary shamanic movement meditation practice, in order to be fully  present and aware about self including and welcoming other and all life around us.

Activating our motion and emotions into  dance with the support of  Movement Medicine Mandala.

This one, is a map representing what we call the 21 gratitudes. They could be understood as 21 stations, ways, gateways, landscapes, dimensions in order  to step in dance  of life and fully embody our physicality.

To awaken our inner-Dancer, we also move with the support of well known archetypes energies as:

  • Tree of Life
  • Yin Yang-Yung
  •  M.E.S.A .Practice ( Micro#Medio#Macro#Meta#Mystica)
  • Wise Elder
  • Dancing Warrior
  • Magical Child,
  • The Foul,
  • Phœnix…
  • and most of important things…  desire to dance by letting our body intelligence leading us.

This is what I would like to explore  with you during these classes… including the bigger picture and Nature around us.Please remember all these aspects are only invitations to welcome new possibilities…The main purpose is to dance, and through the dance be free and (inter- ) connected.

More info about this practice : www.schoolofmovementmedicine.com