Movement Medicine

For accuracy, due to translation errors, there is often confusion between Medicine dance and "Movement Medicine. Movement Medicine is a form of Medicine Dance, while Medicine Dance is not necessarily Movement Medicine. Indeed, Medicine Dance is a practice of ritual ceremonial healing dance that is found in all societies organized and structured around nature, and often within nomadic or semi-sedentary communities (Amerindian, Mongolian, Tibetan... etc..). That said, Movement Medicine is the embodiment of a life project born of a vision of a couple, Susannah and Ya'Acov Darling Khan, more than 30 years ago. After teaching Gabrielle Roth the 5 Rhythms dance in a very involved way for 18 years, life invited this couple in 2007 to found their own school of movement: The School of Movement Medicine In a broad sense: it is a meditation in movement, which considers that movement has healing qualities. This approach considers, like all free movement approaches, that we are all naturally dancers, in the sense that everything inside our body is constantly in motion: whether it is the blood flow or the heartbeat.... Moreover, we live on a planet that is part of a larger system that is constantly in motion. Between the dance of the curve of the sun and the moon, between the cycle of seasons... between winds and tides, tectonic layers etc... Movement is part of our planetary system: we can say that movement and dance are natural and obvious ways of expression. And the work is simply to remember that and to reawaken that possibility that lies within us. Welcome our emotions and states, taking the risk of letting the intelligence of our "physicality" be fully expressed Specifically: the founders of this school define this approach as a practice of mediation in movement that uses contemporary "shamanic" referents in the urban world, in order to develop a full awareness of oneself and including others and the world around us. In his DNA, beyond the "mother" cells of the 5 Rhythms, also dance the cells of several other schools of life such as the one:
  • of shamanism ( artic-amazonien-& amérindien)
  • of the gelstat
  • of family constellations,
  • of the yoga of laughter...
This practice considers and affirms that "we are all dancers", i. e. everyone can practice this dance from the first time... Moving the little finger is already a dance, as long as my consciousness is inside this part... There is no level, but just an invitation to a regular practice, which, like any discipline, allows us, according to the sustained rhythm and intensity of repetition and regularity, to accept, liberate, awaken and fully awaken all aspects and resources of this dancer who lives deep within each of us, so that we can be free in our Life. To guide our dances, we dance according to a reading grid, landscapes proposed by the 21 Gratitudes of the Mandala of Movement Medicine mandala map The 21 stations, Gratitudes, or 21 landscapes, 21 possibilities to enter into its Great Life:
  • 2 energies ( 1. Yin & 2. Yang)
  • 4 elements (,, 5. water 6.air)
  • 9 gateways ( 7.body, 8.heart, 9.mind, 10. past, 11.present, 12.future, 13. fullfilment, 14. interconnection, 15. realization)
  • 5 dimensions (16.oneself, 17.the other, 18. communities, 19. ancestors and spirits, 20. the source or the divine,
  • 1 principle (the great spirit)
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