Integrative Dance

Integrative Dance is a holistic dance practice * that allows you to (re)-INTEGRATE, in consciousness, through meditation in movement, your power of life, your genius, your excellence, your talents: ignored, forgotten, flouted or put aside, in order to be able to re-inform the stories you carry within you and thus make the choice to reaffirm or / and recover your integrity, your authority** and your creative power, and this, to become the Free Artist of your own life, at any time.

*holistic to be understood as : 'one that takes into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness of the human being'.

**authority, to be understood as: 'being the author of...'

This method, which is organized according to the Just Dance With Life Mandala, which represents the experiences of the 28 phases of the Moon, involves the association and combination of tools, techniques, and practices related to movement, artistic expression, personal development, leadership, rituals, dance ceremonies, symbolic traditional sciences, alchemy, the world of archetypes, mythology, and the cycles of the elements of nature.

Shortly, the essence of this practice is a conditioning to physically activate the healing power of the 'medicine of Joy' and is done under the protective umbrella of the teachings and wisdom of the ancestral indigenous medicine Arhuaco of Busítana, Sierra Nevada in Colombia.

'Mi tiempo es ahora, mi lugar es aquí' (my time is now, my place is here) Arhuaco quote

Among the many roots that are part of this practice, there is the 5 Rhythms dance, which opened me to all forms of free movement and allowed me to discover contact improvisation contact dance and Movement Medicine, in which I trained to become the first certified French teacher and which I have been teaching since 2014.

A natural evolution pushes me to create my own method, which I call integrative dance, in which I add and bring all the elements of my life story experiences. Being convinced today that the movement is an integral source of transformation and integration of its reality and existence. This is why, in order to facilitate a simple entry and natural access to this practice, for all of us, I pay particular attention to the simplification of the processes proposed and transmitted.

From the beginning of the 2019 school year, I will offer the first cycle of Integrative Dance training, which begins with the common module entitled S.O.C.L.E.: "Source of Creativity & Leadership".