Cyrill Chantereau

First french Certified Movement Medicine© teacher, Creative & Leadership Coach, Artist, Healer & Founder of Integrative Dance©.

Based in London, and teaching in Paris, France and Europe. And I travel around the world, where communities request it. My first encounter with dance was at the age of 11 in a movie theater watching the movie West Side Story. And during the screening, I secretly told myself.

 'That's what I want to do later!'.

My approach: 'We are not what we carry, we are responsible for making the choice to use or be used by what we carry'.

Explore through movement the intense and profound spheres of the stories we carry by proposing landscapes, journeys and danced rituals, in order to welcome them, recognize them, transform them, soothe them, and free us from them. This is to allow each person to dance as they are, and thus to reintegrate their own authority and power autonomously and become the artist of their life.

My style: to give freedom in a framed, respectful and benevolent space to allow everyone to explore in complete safety what they have to dance in an intense, profound and light way.

My philosophy: live and dance with what is... the following two quotations perfectly illustrate and summarize my philosophy:

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, life is about  learning to dance with the rain’ Seneca

‘Mi tiempo/momento es ahora... aquí es mi lugar’  ( my time is now, her is my place ) Arhuaco quote

My  exploration fields : I dedicate most of my teaching to the relationships we have with communities (families, human groups etc...) and ancestors.

My roots: For the short story: ‘Since I was very young, I have felt inhabited by a quest, which I call my personal legend. And because of this, out of simple curiosity I have always been interested in invisible worlds, which has been reinforced by my whole high school academic period, a period during which I was in a chess school of the French Chess Federation, which allowed me to develop a capacity for abstraction and anticipation and especially to seek what was not apparently visible.

At the same time (12-14 years old) I secretly discover that I carry healing talents within me without understanding them and even less without knowing what it meant. Around the age of 18, I met the man I call my first teacher who taught me the basics, and I was able to begin to accept this and tame what I considered a burden at the time...

At that time, my intense sports practices such as semi-racing acrobatic ballet skiing, and Martial Arts ( Kung-Fu) were a major resource and an exceptional anchor and allowed me to maintain these internal conflicts about this perception of visible and invisible world.At that time, my intense sports practices such as semi-racing acrobatic ballet skiing, and Martial Arts ( Kung-Fu) were a major resource and an exceptional anchor and allowed me to maintain these internal conflicts about this perception of visible and invisible world.

My training in Applied Arts High School only reinforced this sensitivity and made me discover the power of Plasticity, Colour, Rhythms, Rhythms, Structures & Volumes. At the same time, this propensity for abstraction also invited me to continue to explore for 7 years the worlds of symbolism, rituals, sacred architecture, regulatory plots and speculative alchemy that I have worked very intensively during these years.

The path of life, to this day, has brought me into contact with many people, teachers of different practices: Great White Brotherhood, Tibetan Buddhism with Trulshik Rinpoche, Sufism for 2 years with a teaching that was one of the most intense, The Symbolic Traditional Schools and Knighthood Christian Esotericism, Egyptian Rituals, Druidic Sacred Sciences, LAKOTAS, and today the Traditional Medicine of the Arhuecos of Sierra Nevada of Colombia. And each time, I have had and continue to have the privilege and honour of receiving transmissions and seeds that simply seems to be emerging and surfacing today.

In 2000 I joined the International Community of the Mankind Project, and discovered and entered the spheres of the Lakota Sweat Lodges in parallel.In 2001, following a Leadership training course, I trained myself in the tools and methodologies of coaching and coaching (Mentoring, N.L.P. - Gestalt, Hero Quest? Visualization...) to allow everyone to feel at the centre of themselves.                                                                                                                                                                                                If for 20 years I worked as Artistic Director - Designer - Scenographer Free launches, in the spheres of events, museography and luxury, in 2008, following the idea of a project to write an Initiatic Opera for children, I discover the practice of the 5 Rhythms, which awakens my physicality put aside for a few years. And very quickly, I regularly and intensely practiced this School of Movement to the point of wondering if this voice was not mine?

But in 2009, I met the practice of Movement Medicine, whose assertive aspects of shamanic dance and dance rituals corresponded more to my expectations and sensitivity. It is therefore obvious for me to follow this training to start teaching it at the end of 2013 and in June 2015 I become the first French teacher certified by Movement Medicine.

In 2014, I met, with my wife, the Arhueco People of Colombia since then we receive the ancestral teachings of the indigenous practices of the Sierra Nevada by a Mamo.

Naturally, the evolution of my path invites me to develop my own dance methodology and in 2018, I founded Integrative Dance, the first training courses in this practice should start in October 2019.

Nevertheless, I remain faithful to my basic training in Movement Medicine, which has been a particular starting point and offers the Hybrid Way recognized and supported by the founders of Movement Medicine: which means that the teaching of Movement Medicine tools will still be disseminated in my proposals in addition to Integrative Dance.'